Avoid fungal infection of nails the natural way

Fungal infections can be a pest since once they infest, they don’t go away easily. Various forms of treatments are available but its hard to completely cure. That is why your best bet is to keep them at bay. It is rightly said prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to help you get healthy nails naturally. If your nails have been infested with fungus, you can use for best results.

Fingernails are basically layers of a protein called keratin. This layer is usually smooth and pitless. Healthy nails are shiny and free of dots or colors.

Signs of sick nails

If the nails are discolored, they may be sick. Getting dark lines or yellowing may signal fungal infections. Sometimes other conditions may also cause the nails to grow sick. Nails may get curled for instance or may become extremely thick of thing. If the area surrounding your nails gets inflamed or your nail leaves the nail bed then that is a sign of concern as well. Do consult a doctor if you have swelling or bleeding around the nails.

Natural care

There are various steps you can take in order to avoid your nails getting into any of the above conditions.

1- Keep your nails clean. This includes cleaning the edges and ridges.

2- Cut your nails regularly in order to avoid injuring them, yourself or others.

3- Keep them dry and avoid prolonged contact with water and harsh chemicals.

4- Moisturize your hand and nails with lotions or oils in order to keep them soft and healthy.

5- Use a hygienic manicure or pedicure facility for pampering your nails once in a while.

You can also avoid certain things in order to prevent damage to your nails.

1- Don’t bite or pick your fingernails. This can damage their look as well as cause diseases. Sometimes, broken fingernails or pits can contract fungi and bacteria and get infected easily.

2- Don’t use abusive nail products. Some nail products can harm your nails like nail polish removers and other cosmetic products.

3- Don’t prolong staying in water if you can help it especially in public places where fungus and bacteria may be in abundance. This exposes your nails to the danger of fungus and infection.

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