Beautify your skin with matcha green tea

Are you crazy about green tea, then you must also be aware of Matcha green tea. It is a powerful antioxidant and has nutritional benefits. It is actually equal to about 10 cups of regular green tea.

6 Ways Matcha Can Beautify Your Skin

Over centuries, it is being a traditional drink in Japan for a variety of purposes.  But now it has entered the Western cultures. It has become a popular drink. The powder is used for smoothies and baking in a variety of recipes.

It is healthy for your insides as well as it are also healthy for your outsides! It is good and best for beauty and skin care. Use Matcha if you wanted to care your skin which will give a healthy, beautiful glow.

Clear and Even Out Your Complexion

A natural way to clear out your complexion

The presence of chlorophyll gives your skin glowing and young. This detoxes your skin. It cleanses your skin of toxins.

It protects from chemicals or impurities that would clog your pores. This leaves your skin vulnerable to blemishes and discoloration.

Treats Acne

One of the notable qualities is the natural antibiotic agent in matcha tea. This provides healing properties for your body, both internally and externally. Most acne care systems contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous for the skin. Matcha contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This combats the bacterial buildup that contributes to pimples and blemishes. Thus, matcha moisturizer or using a face mask acts as a powerful way to ward off acne and cleanse the skin of bacteria.

Prevent and Reverse Signs of Aging

This contributes smoother and tighter skin. Catechin, a type of polyphenol in matcha, gives it antioxidants. This deactivates free radicals in your skin. These free radicals contribute to signs of premature aging. Thus your skin looks fresher and younger.

Use It as a Toner

The matcha powder contains antioxidants and chlorophyll. These are an excellent base for a skin toner. They fight off impurities and get rid of toxins. They give fresh look any time you need. Mix a bit of water and an essential oil. You can cleanse and spritz your skin anytime which can give it the quick glow it needs.

Protect and Treat Sun Damage

The polyphenols and catechins guard your skin from extreme weather conditions. Matcha can be used to treat sunburn. It reduces inflammation and heals the skin.  A mixture of aloe gel with lavender oil is good for treating skin damage. It creates soothing applicant for your skin.

Reduce Puffiness

Lack of sleep, bawling of our eyes, tear of chemicals and toxins results in puffiness and inflammation.  The availability of vitamin K reduces the puffiness in your eye. It can also lessen both inflammation and dark circles under your eyes.

Best Ways to Use Matcha for Beauty

  • Apply Directly to Your Skin
  • Use as a mask or a scrub.
  • Use as a moisturizing detox, it keeps your skin healthier than ever.
  • Use as Green Tea Facial Scrub, it exfoliates and provides a deep cleanse for your pores.

Mix matcha with different natural ingredients. Make your own homemade matcha mask:

  • Matcha and Honey:

Mix a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder with a teaspoon of honey to moisturize your skin. This will give your skin a healthy glow.

  • Matcha and Rose Water:

Mix equal parts of matcha and rose water with a drop of any essential oils. This reduces signs of aging.

  • Matcha and Coconut Oil:

Mix equal parts of matcha and coconut oil. This relieves dry and irritated skin.

  • Matcha and lemongrass/dill:

Mix matcha with crushed dill leaves and a few drops of lemongrass oil. This combats the bacteria effects and heals blemishes.

  • Matcha and yogurt:

Mix equal parts of matcha and plain yogurt to add probiotics to your mask.

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