Benches for bath are available in best quality

Walkers, bath benches, commode walkers, wheel walkers and many more are very much famous and have been using since many generation. The same models are still continuing but with extra facilities which let people use them as per their requirements. In present market many different types of walkers are made available and all of them are very much useful for everyone. Senior citizens, elderly people, handicapped people and any person who met with an accident use all these materials as these will help them in many ways. These are completely affordable by anyone who are in need of these. These walkers and all other are made available online too; there are many sites which made these available for all its customers- These can also be purchased from the medical shops near to your place.

One of such a site which provides all these is In this site there are different types of walkers, wheel walkers, bath benches and also walkers with commodes and all different types in all these are made available at cheap cost. Anyone who is searching for one can go for this site and this will definitely help all the people in different ways.

Heavy Duty Bath Bench W/back:-

  • This product gives a lifetime warranty for all its users and this is only for a limited is guaranteed by the original manufacturer.
  • Tool is made available which makes it very much easy to assembly the back and also the leg parts.
  • This walker is made of aluminium and this is completely anti-corrosive. The whole walker is very lightweight and anyone can use it as per requirement and also best for transporting and also storage purpose.
  • The bench which is used for sitting and also the back part are completely made of molded plastic and this plastic material will give strength and also much more comfort for all its users.
  • The seat part and also the back part have drainage holes on them. This will help in reducing the slipperiness for the people using it.
  • The legs of this walker areangled with suction tips and this adds much more stability for the walker.
  • The weight capacity of this walker is approximately 500lbs and height of these legs can be adjusted accordingly. People with different heights can set them as per their requirement and also according to their convenience.

Round Bath Bench Adjustable Lightweight Shower w/ Non-Slip Seat:-

  • This bath bench is just a round shaped one and it is very much ideal for small tubs. And also compatible for shower stalls.
  • This has tool free assembly mechanism and weight capacity is of 250lbs.
  • The seat dimensions are 12.5” in diameter and also are rust resistant.
  • The seat is made of large moulded polystyrene. Rubber tips are made available so that they add more safety and also stability for the bench.
  • The legs of this bench are adjustable and all the legs have slip-resistant rubber tips connected for them.
  • The seat height can be connected to about 15.5-20”.




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