Best Practices to Protect the Ears According to Experts

The ear is an organ often ignored or given too much attention. For people who are giving too much attention in terms of cleaning their ears, they have this inclination to always shove something inside to get rid of the earwax.  This habit has to stop before it can cause more harm than good to your ears.

Did you know that The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) identified best practices to protect the ears from potential damage? You need to click this and discover the best ear practices now before it is too late for you:

Do clean the ears alternately

Cleaning the ears is part of grooming or hygiene standard but too much cleaning is bad. It is important that you know when cleaning is enough. The trick here is not to clean every day. Clean alternately. Whatever you use extracting the earwax, it matters. The cleaning implement should not be smaller than the elbow. If you are using cotton buds, you will be surprised it is not good for the ears. Others also use hairpin and other smaller objects. These things will lodge the earwax more.

Do visit your doctor

When you have discomfort related to your ears, it is high time that you visit your doctor. The discomfort will gradually become painful symptoms so it is better to visit the doctor right away. You have to visit especially if you encounter bleeding, drainage, dizziness, ringing and hearing loss.

Do follow doctor’s instructions

The doctors know best that is why whatever they prescribe you have to make sure that you follow it whether you like it or not. If you are concerned about your ears, you will follow no matter what. While you are at it, ask the doctor for some home remedies of impacted cerumen that you can try. Do not leave without discussing the cleaning options for your ears. It is better safe than sorry.

Now that you learned about the best ear practices, it is up to you to share it as many people do not know how to clean the ears. It is crucial that you follow the practices or guidelines mentioned above to protect the ears from irreparable damages in the future. The earwax definitely looks gross and gooey but you have to understand it is there for a reason. It acts as the self-cleaning agent of the ear so you can hear better. In simple terms, it makes sure the ear is in good “working condition” by keeping insects, dirt, dust, and bacteria away.

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