Cancer: The worst of all the diseases

Disease and human beings

Disease are very much common for all the human beings. Human body is surrounded by the disease, although being well secured from inside because of the presence of the immune system in the body. Still at time that defense system is very much breached and the disease appears in the human body. However most of the disease get treated and cured upon utilization of proper medicine and proper diagnosis as well. However some diseases tends to not be curable and in time they will kill the human body. There are very few disease like that. One of the most common as well as most important of this kind of disease is the Cancer. The word cancer has been originated from the word crab because of the hard characteristics of the malignant tumors which is very much similar to the shell of the crab. Therefore the naming is like that. The disease still not have got any kind of permanent solution with which they can be treated and we can have a permanent solution. Researches are going on this matter just to procure something with which the patients affected with the disease can be saved. Many new techniques and many theories about cancer came thus we could expect that the good times will come very soon.

The unpredictability

The cancer is one of the most unpredictable disease a doctors can come across. The most interesting as well as beautiful thing about cancer is that they are very much growing with time. And as they grows the complexity of the disease very much increase. It has been seen this disease of cancer has been very much different few years back also, and as the time changes the symptoms and the way of attacking of the disease also changes. And it is expected that in the future times the disease will change more and more. And thus for a solution find we should get at the root of the disease and only by this we will able to cure the disease. Moreover the disease is very much genetically modified as well. They can be transferred from generation to generation from parents to off springs. And also they are very much affected because of the phenomenon of mutation. Mutation is caused by the simple change in the body rather in the genetic organization of the body as because of this whole body experience a different set of characters, like the cancer. Thus by all this characteristics we can understand that the disease cancer has been quite a menace to the society.

The Treatment methods

The treatment to cancer is a very vague term although as no possible drug or method can possibly cure the disease. On the other hand we can some conventional techniques like that of the chemotherapy and the radio therapy that is used as they are a little effective in killing the cells as although in a very less extent.

New techniques

New techniques like the gene therapy and the targeted radio therapy has been very much good for the disease as they has given improved results as compared to the conventional ones.

Top Cancer hospitals

Top cancer hospitals in India contains the machinery and also the experienced doctors so as to operate this new methods for the cure.

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