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Reliablerxpharmacy was established in the year 2005 and is one of the most reliable online drugstores. The medicines are mostly manufactured in India by the Reliable Rx Pharmacy and definitely guarantee high quality. These drugs at the store are FDA certified and have passed the WHO health regulations test. Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Torrent Pharma, Intas Pharma, Pfizer, GSK and Cipla are the other medicine production partners. There are about fifty medical categories available in the website. You can view the best selling medicines and featured products on its home page.

Medicines Available with Reliablerxpharmacy

The medicines with can be purchased to treat diabetes, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, cancer, cramp, migraines, anticonvulsant, infertility, hair loss, sleeping aid, weight loss, bone health, anti-smoking and the list goes on. Some rare products to solve the erectile dysfunction are available in the website. They offer ED pill, Caverta, Himalaya Kaela and orgy enlargement pills as well. ED drugs such as Lofatra, Penegra, Kamagra gold, Forzest and Zenegra are available.

Cost Of Medicines at Reliablerxpharmacy

The medicines are sold at reasonable rates in the website. Generic Viagra is sold at $14.40  for a pack of four pills. Cialis is sold at $13 for a pack of four pills. Levitra is sold at $27.02 for a pack of ten. The deals are very good on their website. Only credit card payment is accepted.


Shipping and Refund Details

The Free shipping depends on the destination. Shipping charges apply for international deliveries. The orders take a minimum of two weeks to reach the destination. Once medications are shipped, it cannot be returned back. If the pack is not delivered or is damaged, the medicines are replaced without any additional charges. Several phone numbers are available on their website. If something happens to your package, you can report it and take the necessary actions and minimize your inconvenience.

Coupon Codes

Good deals and coupon codes are available at the website which you can check from time to time. Exclusive coupon codes say 5%, 15%, 80% on your total bill is available but on certain terms and conditions.

Customer Testimonials

One can see a lot of positive feedbacks and rating about this e-store online. Some of the testimonials from the past provides transparent feedbacks on its reliability. Some foreign clients were not sure about the quality of the medicines when they placed the order but said they had astounding results. Customers are very satisfied with the products and the customer service as well. Queries are answered instantly and is said to be very helpful to the clients. The online reputation is very good even from third party reviewers.

Endnote is the best choice for people who look for medicines at cheaper rates. It is a great provider of brand and generic medicines for a variety of diseases and ailments across countries. With numerous positive feedbacks from its clients on the products and service team in the last 13 years, this website is very much recommended to buy medicines. The Review say it all.

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