Foolproof Homemade Pregnancy Tests Methods

Pregnancy is a memorableexperience for every woman. It makes her complete with herself and turns the life from the stage of a woman to a mother to be. In case of any normal symptoms, many females prefer to know if she is pregnant or not. It is one of the most beautiful feelingsin the world. It suddenly prepares you for the transformation of amother from a woman. The early indications of pregnancy are missing a period, food cravings, mood swings, fatigue, and nausea. As soon as you experience anyone these symptoms, you should confirm pregnancy by the homemade pregnancy tests. Some of the tests that will confirm your pregnancy are:

  1. Pregnancy test with barley
  2. Pregnancy test with wine
  3. Pregnancy test with red cabbage
  4. Pregnancy test with onion
  5. Pregnancy test with Dettol
  • Pregnancy test using barley


This is an old method for confirming pregnancy used by the Egyptians. For this method, you need some barley seeds. Take a container and put some barley seeds in it. Pour your urine sample on it. If the barley seeds sprout, then it means that you’re pregnant. And if the seeds don’t ferment means the test is negative.

  • Pregnancy test with wine

Women have been using the wine test since the medieval age to confirm the pregnancy. For this test, you will need a glass of wine. Add the urine sample with the wine. If the two liquids mix well, i.e., the urine gets dissolved in the wine, indicates that you’re pregnant. If the urine forms a separate clear level means that you’re not pregnant.

  • Pregnancy test with red cabbage

It is not only a pregnancy test, but you can also detect the gender of your fetus with this test. For this test, place a pan on the stove. Add half red chopped cabbage to the pan. Allow the water to boil for ten minutes. O   the water cools down, pour it in a jar. Add the urine sample to this jar. If the color of the water changes, it means that you’re pregnant. And no change in the color means that you’re not pregnant.

  • Pregnancy test using onion

Onion insertion method is also known as the Greek method of detecting pregnancy. For this method, you have to place an onion in the vagina and keep it overnight. If the foul smell of onion is experienced from your mouth the next day, it indicates that you have absorbed the nutrients of the onion and that you’re pregnant.

  • Pregnancy test with dettol

In this age, there is hardly any home where this liquid cannot be found. Dettol is an antiseptic solution and can be used to detect pregnancy as well. For this test, take dettol and urine sample in the ratio of 1:3. Mix Dettol and urine sample in a container and keep the mixture undisturbed for about five minutes. If the urine forms a separate layer at the top indicated that you’re pregnant. If the two liquids mix together means that the test is negative and you’re not pregnant.


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