Get rid of stomach ache with some simple remedies during cycle

Many of the women faces the problem of periods in their life routine, it is that they are too weak to bear the pain and at the same time their hormones tend to be more active than before, that is the reason why the days long for more. Women all over the world came out of several troubles in the day to day but not exactly form the hassle periods, which is a nature to be accepted by every girl.

How can you make your period shorter

How can you make your period shorter? ,Often people make choices with the days of the periods, which they avoid the days to go out for fun and enjoyment. They plan for the periods accordingly at the same time many wanted to cut down the days they spent for that too, there are several oral drugs and some natural ways are also there to cut down the menstrual phase days. While periods the inner lining of the ovum get dejected through the vagina, which measures of about 50 to 80ml according the person. the inner lining once started to disintegrate the body automatically enter the face of follicular phase, in which the next stage of growing the new one starts it took up to two weeks of days to get fully matured, so that the egg wait for a time to fertilize, if fertilization does not occur then the inner lining again started to break, which then lead to period again, this continues until the egg is fertilized.

Actually the days of the periods last for five, if it needs to be reduced then the disintegration should be more fast and that the flow will done in a period of 3 days, these can be achieved by some of the natural things, so that it will increase the estrogen level in the hormone and stimulates, so that the time of the period will be reduces. Some of the things which reduce the period days are the

  • Chocolates
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Vitamin c tablets
  • Vitamin c and calcium rich fruits

Many love to consume the chocolates, which make the menstrual flow to be easier this contains the selenium which induce the hormone and give the faster periods less than the regular days.

Simple vitamin rich fruit juices many also help, for example pine apple, it enriches the estrogen level in body thus making the hormone to induce faster too.

Water is better to make the person feel more hydrated and during the periods time too it will give more health benefits of regulating the menstrual flow in a good manner. So that you can achieve the periods in short span

Exercise regularly will promote good health and also helps to regulate the monthly periods, so exercise regularly and get reduce the menstrual cramp days.

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