Hemorrhoids – causes, prevention and symptoms

According to the medical survey every year more than 10 millions of people are affected because of the problems of piles. This condition is medically denoted as hemorrhoids. The vein in the anus will be bulged. While considering the causes they are endless. However, in many cases the causes cannot be pointed out easily or sometimes they may be unknown. In many cases there may not be symptoms, instead, the person will feel itching or slight bleeding. In such case, they must consult their doctor to start the treatment in the very early stage. Since this problem is curable, one can get the suggestion of experts in order to get permanent relief.


As mentioned above, there is more number of causes for piles. Especially they are very common among the pregnant women. This is because, the uterus of the pregnant women will get enlarged and because of this, the veins will be put into great pressure. As the result, vein in the colon will get bulged. Piles are also more common among the people who fall under the age group of 45-65 years. But it is to be noted that this doesn’t mean that piles will not affect the children and adults. People who are sitting for a prolonged time will also get affected by piles. And people who are lifting more weight repeatedly will get affected to this problem easily. Inheritance may also lead to the development of hemorrhoids in some cases. But whatever the cause is taking the treatment at right time is more important.


The most unfortunate thing about hemorrhoids is their symptoms are unpleasant. Hence many people hesitate to share their problem with others. In many cases people will feel lumps or some kind of swelling in their anus region. They will also have pain or any other discomfort in their anus part. In some extreme cases, there will also be bleeding. But it is to be noted that the victim will not experience any kind of pain during the bleed. Hence they should never take it easily. They must notify it while consulting their doctor; so that they can provide the best treatment accordingly.


Since piles will be a most annoying health issue, one can initiate better steps to prevent them. Taking plenty of fiber rich foods is the best option to prevent hemorrhoids. One of the most common mistake done by many people is they tend to put more pressure while using their toilet. It must be strictly avoided. Maintaining good and healthy body weight is also one of the best ways to get rid of piles. One can also read health post about hemorrhoids to know better about the advanced treatment and medications.

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