Home remedies to treat diaper rash naturally

All babies have rashes from time to time. While one can treat the inflamed red lower part of the baby by applying a non-prescription ointment or cream for diaper rash, home remedies for diaper rash can work just as well. Before trying any of these remedies, one must evaluate the hidden sources of bacteria that can contribute to diaper rash. If wearing cloth diapers, be sure to wash them thoroughly to remove unwanted bacteria, as well as the detergent that may promote or aggravate the rash. According to some of the leading pediatricians and researchers cloth diapers can contain a lot of unwanted germs if they are not properly washed.

Hence the diaper rashes are common to all who use diapers for a longer period. This damage to the skin can be prevented and cured with a little care and a few of the home remedies as well. The home remedies prove much helpful as one does not need to spend any amount behind it and they are completely harmless to the users. They are also easily available in home and majority of them can cure the rashes in a limited period also.

diaper rash

Make cream for diaper rash

 Make natural diaper cream. One can go for it with the help of the internet also these days as there are many blogs and sites from where one can learn the method of making it.  The balsam combines shea butter, olive oil, zinc oxide, and coconut oil. Keep the homemade cream for diaper rash in the refrigerator and use it while one needs to change the diaper. Rub the cream before applying the same to the body of the baby.

Use apple cider vinegar

One can go for the use of apple cider vinegar also by adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to baby’s bath water to quickly get rid of a yeast rash caused by yeast. Apple cider vinegar works to kill the yeast and cause a rash.

 Creates a jet of essential oil

Like many mothers, one may have heard about the healing powers of pure essential oils. Follow the tips for making the same and prepare an aerosol to treat one’s baby’s redness using crucial oils of almond, tea tree and lavender mixed with water. Keep the mixture in a plastic spray bottle and keep it handy.

 Try honey

This homemade remedy combines two spoonful honey and two cups of chamomile tea. One needs to store the same in a spray bottle. Keep on spraying the diaper rash all day long. Chamomile and honey act as a great remedy for the healing of the skin.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera can also be a great help while treating the diaper rash.  One can apply aloe Vera gel to baby’s aching area directly. This gel helps to soothe the inflammation.

Apply cornstarch

One can also use cornstarch to dry the bottom of the baby. Keep in mind that this powder can aggravate a yeast rash, and hence need to be used on diaper rash only.

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