How to get familiar if your discharge is normal?

Vaginal discharge is considered as normal event and is one of the ways the body follows to get rid of the dirt and reduce changes of infection. In most cases women may also experience white discharge at the time of MC and this is what makes then more concerned. Some women also experience pink colored discharge and so you need to keep in mind that these may be natural. You can speak to your doctor or search online or other Source to collect more information.

Reasons for pink colored discharge

In case you are experiencing presence of blood in the discharge then it will be noticed in the form of pink color. This is very much common amongst women at the time of staring phase of menstrual cycle. Apart from this you may also have to take precautions if such color is noticed.

Apart from this other main cause for pink colored discharge are mentioned below:-


  • Pink discharge is also one of the main signs that indicate the starting phase of menstrual cycle. The color is in general lighter in shade. If the mc continues for longer time then it changes to dark shade.
  • The pink color discharge is also noticed at the time of formation of ovulation period. During ovulation most women may experience bleeding resulting in pink discharge.
  • If you are using contraceptives and other birth control measures then you may notice pink colored discharge. During this time you may also notice spotting.
  • Women may also notice pink color during and after birth cycle. During this phase the body is also undergoing healing stage naturally.

Complications during pink discharge

You can collect more set of information from other source related to complications. It some cases it may also be a matter of concern.


Pink discharge is also associated with infection in the vaginal area. You can notice more infection if the bleeding is more consistent. You may also notice pain, burning and itching. In some cases women may also experience cramping and fever. There are also a number of women who may never face any symptoms.


Women who are almost 45 years of age are more prone to develop cancer in the cervical region. During this time they may also experience pink discharge. Most women may only notice pink discharge when in later stages of cervical cancer.

Apart from this some other health conditions may also lead to formation of pink colored discharge. This may be on account of diabetes, liver and kidney problems.

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