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Contribution of emotional health to physical health

Our feelings determine a lot about the state of our health. When you visit a doctor to help you deal with your physical health challenges, rarely does he ask you how you are feeling, well except of physically that is. There is no concern about your emotional thought and feelings towards the illness. Their primary concern is for you to receive treatment and regain your physical health. The use of holistic healing has helped to deal with the many challenges patients face besides physical health.

Patients often have a lot going on in their lives that actually affects their physical well-being. Unless these issues are addressed, chances are this patient will be back to see the doctor with the same health challenges or with something else all-together. It is important to know what is triggering the illness so that it is solved from the source rather than dealing with the outcome only.

The importance of nutrition to emotional and physical health

Nourishment is very important in life. As it is often said, we are what we eat. The food we eat often will determine our emotional well0being. This is why it is important to always consider diet when dealing with physical health issues. Involving a nutritionist in the discussion of a patient’s health is very important because a change can positively impact the emotional and physical well-being of a person.

The importance of massage and aromatherapy

After a full body massage, the body is always at a relaxed state. People who face challenges when it comes to getting quality sleep always fall into a deep sleep as soon as they are done with the massage. If this person solely relied on sleeping pills, the body would eventually get used to it and it would stop having any impact. The only alternative would be going for stronger sleeping medication. This of course has some side effects.

The use of holistic healing helps in getting alternatives that actually works without causing any further damage to the body. Such a person would probably find it more beneficial to go a massage rather than swallowing pills. Continuous massage would eventually balance the mind and body and sleep will no longer be an issue for this patient.

Aromatherapy creates a balance in the way the body works. All the senses are provoked by the scents that are usually quite relaxing. After a session in aromatherapy, the body and mind are usually in a relaxed state creating a harmony that is always sought by the use of alternative treatments. The use of this approach has been quite beneficial to people suffering rom depression and stress anxiety disorders.

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