Increase Hearing Power with a Free Online Hearing Test:

To have a better understanding of your hearing power, we will have to take you a little deep into the chapter “How does your body recognize sounds”. Not being too intense and scientific, in this article,we’ll explain the hearing process.We can say that it depends on those thousands of tiny hair cells that are able to track specific sounds and vibrate in response to those sounds.

If you’re meeting with a person who is having a problem with hearing,it’s because naturally, our hair cells start to break down and once it happens, there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. You can follow these steps to bring health to your hair cells:

Mature woman in otolaryngologist’s office
  • Reduce your exposure to loud noises and music: At every cost, you have to avoid the unusual loud noises that can affect your inner ear if you’re willing to have a healthy inner ear forever. In addition to this, you will have to lower down your earphone volume to below 60%. There are smartphones that give you a pre-warning if you’re raising the volume above 60%.
  • Keep sharp objects away from your ear:Most people attempt to clean their ears with their fingers or car keys and that can be very harmful to your hearing.Unknowingly,you can rupture your ear drum and lose hearing in that ear if you don’t heed these precautions. There are individuals who have narrow ear canals which causes a buildup of ear wax in the ear and requires the help of ear wax removal specialists. Considering this very reason,you’re required to keep a proper check of your hearing. You can try a free online hearing test which will help you know the status of your hearing.
  • If you’re provided with hearing aids, you have to use it as per the directions of your physicians. This is important as avoiding it will land you introuble, which is surely a place where you don’t want to land.

What is the different phase of the hearing test?

It normally takes around 5 minutes for your online hearing test to be completed, and you’re provided with the results immediately afterwards.

The test comes with three phases there is

  • The first phase, you have to listen to the letters, which will determine how well your ears are able to listen to every individual letter.
  • The second phase includes listing words, determining your capacity to listen to a single word and the last phase is listening for the S letter which will determine your clarity of listening. It’s not just words that are included, you should be able to understand what the speaker is saying.

Once you have taken your test, the results will let you know if you’re going to need a physician who can help you improve your hearing health and then follow their advice to maintain your hearing health. For more information, you can always check out their website.