Is there any way to increase breast size?

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s body when it comes to praising her beauty. If the breasts are firm and in shape, then the body looks attractive in every manner. As the breasts are defining feature to attractiveness, lots of female wish to achieve full sized breasts. Several factors affect a woman’s breast size, and that is why sizes are different for every woman. Hormones play a vital role in the development of a female’s breast if there has been a hormonal imbalance during the puberty the development of breasts might get affected. There is doubtlessly no dearth of allopathic options in terms of medicines and creams, oils and ointments that can make one use them to have enhanced breast size but the results of the majority of them are a big question. Hence it is better to use some other options that are time-tested, and one can have visible results after a few days of using these options. Well, some natural ways to increase breast size are mentioned here.

Massage with oils

There are several oils available which can stimulate hormonal activities in a female body. Some of the well-known oils are fenugreek oil, olive oil, and soybean oil. Each of this oil has its own characteristics; fenugreek oil (1) can help in the expansion of the skin, olive improves blood circulation and duplicates the process of estrogen secretion, and soybean oil can increment estrogen levels in a female body. Generally one needs to take the oil in her palms and massage the breasts for 15 minutes. This may take a little time to offer the desired results, but one must follow it for a month or so to have the increased breasts that can add beauty to her body.


One has to purchase capsules of fenugreek which contains 500 mg fenugreek. Each day one capsule has to be ingested. Fenugreeks contain phytoestrogen chemical which can help increment the prolactin secretion in a female’s body. As the prolactin secretion increases, the breast size increases (2) over a period.

Saw Palmetto

Like fenugreek capsules, there are saw palmetto capsules available which contain 500mgs of saw palmetto (3) in each capsule. One has to consume a capsule each day regularly. Saw palmetto contains phytonutrient compounds which are responsible for breast enlargement. Saw palmetto supplements have been used for breast enlargement since very ancient times and hence one can rely on this option.

Wild Yam

One needs 2 tablespoon roots of wild yam, a cup of water and honey as required for taste. The wild yam roots (4) are to be added to the cup of water and then it has to be heated for some time. The solution has to be stirred for 5 minutes, and before it loses the temperature, it has to be consumed. Honey is added for better taste. This solution has to be taken daily for effective results. Wild yam can strengthen breast tissues. There are also benefits regarding sexual wellness. Wild yam consists of diosgenin compound which might help for increment in the tissues of breast resulting in enlargement of breasts.

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