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Justin Bieber and his Honesty about his Mental Health

Justin Bieber is a Canadian born 23-year-old singer made news last week that is canceling his world tour in order to rest his mind and soul. Justin Bieber has announced that he is taking a break from his music career as he needs a timeout. He’d no longer meeting and greeting his fans as he is feeling unhappy and drained. Bieber is dealing with the most miserable time in his life. He opened about his mental health that he is feeling trouble in sleeping as he is unable to concentrate on daily work life. Bieber said, “Touring is the psychological demands of musicians and he needs a break for the stability of his mental health”. Justin is a young artist who pulled out 152 concerts in 16 months after performing of 14 shows, has evidently reached burnout.

According to TMZ Bieber hasn’t given the reason or update about his tour end, he just said: “everything is fine and after returning home he is going to spend time getting some relaxation, just resting”. This news of the cancellation of “purpose tour” is portrayed as a disappointment to his fans.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health 12 to 17 is the age, where 12.5 percent adolescents had depressive issues and as per the NIMH survey, 13 to 18 is the age when anxiety-related disorder are severe in 5.9 percent lifetime prevalence. Behind accidental death a suicide is the second cause of death among the age of 15 to 19-year-olds, mental health is first.

Psychiatrists, Healthcare experts, and doctors cannot discuss Justine Bieber mental health because of ethical rules. Justin Bieber has made it clear that after being on the road of purpose tour for two years his mental health is exhausted and mentally he is in a bad place. Justin has written an open letter in which he mentioned that he feels really bad to disappoint his fans but he said the decision is right because he is trying to clean out some of the mess. He also said that he wants to control over his health and life, wants to be mentally stronger in order to focus on himself and his spiritual journey.

This is not the first time Bieber comes in the spotlight because of his questionable behaviors for more than his music. In November 2013 he got arrested for physical altercation, in January 2014 he egged his home because police found drugs, in October 2015 Bieber abruptly stop the show of Spanish radio “40 principles”, in March 2016, he suddenly cancelled meeting and greeting with fans before two weeks of purpose tour, in June 2016 he got into a fistfight, in October 2016, he dropped his mic on stage in order to stop people from screaming, in November 2016 he punched out a man and in February 2017 he head-butted a man during West Hollywood restaurant confrontation.

On the basis of significant online messages posted by Bieber, it’s a point of noting that Kelly Rowland, John Mayer, and Sharon Osbourne support words on Justin Bieber Mental Health.

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