Keratin hair smoothening treatment for pregnant women

Mostly every woman would like to have the frizzy free hair, but naturally, this not attained by most of the people. However, the keratin treatment works on wonder in providing puffy hair. This treatment deposits the keratin proteins in your hair, leaving those as more moisturized and less frizzy. Most of the salon professionals are trying to apply keratin to hair. After that, this flat irons the strands to lock this. However, when the condition comes to pregnant women, using the keratin treatment not considered to healthier treatment for you and for your baby.

Keratin treatment is not having any type of strong chemicals like relaxers and perms do, so they thought to be best form of treatment for your hair. However, because of the treatment using keratin proteins to some temporarily change in structure of hair, they all have made an effect on unborn baby. If you ask for the hair stylists, most of them will advise you to avoid then until you have given birth to your child. This keratin treatment is new kind of treatment, and there is no specific proof which they will not harm the children.

keratin shampoo

The keratin treatment will vary according to the ingredients used in that. Therefore, this also affect the pregnant women, some of the keratin treatment has formaldehyde that compromise your health as well as the health of your baby. When the non-formaldehyde keratin treatment are considered as no, then any kind of formula with formaldehyde should be considered as no. treatments having formaldehyde can even lead to cancer, so whether you are having any idea to use the keratin treatment with formaldehyde, try to avoid. In order to clarify the doubts, you can ask your stylists for some specific ingredients used in the treatment; by the way, you can avoid using formaldehyde.

As the technology developed a lot, the home hair treatments are most popular, and the home hair treatments are safe to use. At the same time, you asked to check to the ingredients lots of any kind of product you are going to use. Some may be at home keratin kit has been known as glyoxal and ethandial. This kind of ingredients may even lead to some complications like irritations in skin, respiratory track, and eye. When you are trying to use this type of treatment on pregnancy, it always recommended not using this treatment, including the home treatment. In order to experience the same smoothening, the people can use the keratin shampoo even during the pregnancy. If you are having any doubts, you can contact some professionals and thereby you can clarify your doubts.