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Points to remember while buying the best Vape pen

A vape pen functions on the logic of heating the e-liquid through batteries that heat the coil that to get the smoke. While there are many brands who claim to manufacturer a best vape pen, not all of them are manufactured the same way because it all depends on the materials used to manufacture its core internal parts. While checking on the quality of the vape pen, its materials play an important role; the overall functioning of the best vaporizer pens for e-liquid is the one that speaks of its quality. So, here are some points to consider while buying, especially if you are new to this concept.

Tips while buying a vape pen:

  1. Choose your style: With various designs, there are portable vapes to heavy desktop based designs. Depending on your style and need, you can decide one. This should help you to begin with. If you vape at desk, then a desktop should be good. Else, a portable vape pen should be good.
  1. Now decide between the three vaping options of dry herbs, oil and wax vapes or water pipes. If you opt for oil or wax vaping, then a vape pen is best. For dry herbs, buying an MFLB must be good. But if you prefer combination models, they have a flexibility to choose between oils, waxes etc. But they may need an additional accessory, like a water pipe, if you prefer water piping. In this case, you also have to check for temperature adjustment options.
  1. Battery life: The best vape pen will have a long battery life allowing you to use it for long hours without recharging it often. There are quality vape pens that come with a USB charger also. Also check if the vape pen allows you to replace the batteries, especially if you vape frequently. Having an internal battery may also be a little costly when you have to replace it as you will have to send it to the manufacturer.
  1. Choose the accessories that you need. Most of the vape pens come with some enhanced accessories like glass water creations that may not be needed by the beginners. All you may need is a vape pen with good battery, preferably with a lithium ion battery charger along with a car charger that allows you to charge it whenever you need.
  1. If you are a beginner, then choosing a low priced vape pen should be good. But this also depends on the vaper you want and most of them are best vaporizer pens for e-liquid. If you are clear on whether you prefer convection (even heating) or conduction (direct heating of herbs and gives small vapor) style of heating for vapor, then you can even choose as per your need. But if you are not so clear, then opt to buy non-branded vape pens at a cheaper price and then slowly upgrade.


Whatever quality, price, vape you are looking for, remember that everyone has a different taste and there are vape pens available in the market that cater to everyone’s taste. Also remember that a good vape pen should be as easy as, open, fill e-liquid and start using.


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