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Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids develop due to a lifestyle where prolonged sitting is required, stress, obesity, during pregnancy in some women. They aren’t very rare condition. It could only be noticed when they swell and cause problems. This is very much common in old age group above 45 years. Whoever gets it would definitely have one doubt as to how long hemorrhoids last, because of the irritation and itchiness.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins around your anus or the lower rectum. The prolonged stretching of the blood vessel causes the veins to bulge, and in turn some lumps are formed. It develops in people who sit for prolonged time as it pressurizes the veins. Some pregnant women also develop these in their third trimester, because of the pressure from the enlarged uterus. They are basically of two types, Internal and External Hemorrhoids. Internal as the name suggests, grows inside the rectum, which are not visible with your bare eye, whereas external grows under the rectum, and is visible. There could be many reasons of their growth, but the main question remains as to how long hemorrhoids last, as they tend to get very painful and itchy sometimes.

How long do Hemorrhoid last?

If the hemorrhoids are small, the symptoms may go in very less time and without any treatment. Some internal ones are very long that they even stick out of the anus, and the external ones are also pretty enlarged sometimes. Those are the ones that need attention because they would require treatment and may take longer to heal. Hemorrhoids that are developed during pregnancy, may only last until child birth.

How to prevent Hemorrhoids?

Let’s first know the signs that would warn you of having hemorrhoids. There will be painful bowel movement. There will be swelling around the anus. The important sign would be bloody stools, which will also cause itching, irritation in the anal region. The main reason of Hemorrhoids is the prolonged stretching of the veins, hence they tend to swell.

Some people either want to make use of the time in the restroom by checking their mails or have the habit of reading a newspaper. Sitting for longer time in the toilet will strain the veins; hence reduce the amount of time you spend in the toilet.

Hemorrhoids also develop because of regular constipation. Hence, using a stool softener on a regular basis could reduce the pain.

After the bowel movement soak you body, especially anus region in warm water or sitz bath. This will reduce the itchiness and irritation caused by the bowel movement.

Ice pack could also be used in the inflamed area, since ice is known to reduce swelling and also the pain.

Never postpone your bathroom break/visit as it tends to put some pressure resulting in hemorrhoids.

Exercising on a regular basis would prevent constipation, in turn reducing the pain during the bowel movement.

Preventing the hemorrhoids would be a very good idea instead of all the suffering. The moment you see some signs, start drinking more and more water, at least 8 glasses per day, as it will enhance the digestion and hence would softens the stool. It is also suggested to have a fibre rich diet, for easy bowel movement. And exercise regularly.

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