Reasons for getting strep throat with No Tonsils


These are two tissue masses found at the back the throat that aid in filtering microbes. They provide protection from trachea infections by blocking microbes from entering the trachea, while they produce antibodies for infections. Little at times, the tonsil can also be contaminated when they harbour too many microbes. They react to this by an inflammatory response which may lead to a medical complication known as strep throat or tonsillitis. Its been a worry to many that have removed their tonsil if it is still possible to get strep throat.

can you get strep throat without tonsils? Still in doubt, if it is possible to get tonsillitis without your tonsil? Well here is an answer for you NO! It is not possible. WHY? Simple; tonsillitis only affect the tonsil and since you have none, you are free from the disease. However, you may experience some strep throat related symptoms if the infection affects the spot where the tonsil was located before removal.

can you get strep throat without tonsils

If Not Tonsillitis, What then Cause Typical Strep Throat Symptoms?

Sure you are wondering the cause of a typical strep throat symptom if it is not tonsil. Well, some strep throat symptoms incorporate bromopnea, coughing, migraine and decrease in appetite. But all these symptoms can also be for another infection. Below is a list of some infections with the same symptoms.

  • Viral Infection: Most of those symptoms can also be as a result of viral infections such as Epstein-Barr virus infection, Influenza virus infections, cold and measles. It is advisable to meet a medical professional to begin treatment.
  • Bacterial Infection: Bacterial infections such as a whooping cough, a sore throat also have similar symptoms to that of tonsillitis. A sore throat is a bacterial infection that leads to inflammation around the tonsil and not the tonsil itself. Because of the closeness of the infection to the tonsil, it an ins usual confusing for a tonsil Whoopingg cough a respiratory tract infections, is highly contagious and requires the patient to be separated from the public until the infection is over.
  • Allergies: Allergy towards pollen, dust or chemical substances may lead to a sore throat. It becomes more dangerous by postnatal dripping which inflames areas around the tonsil and mimics the symptoms of strep throat.
  • Irritants: Similar to allergies some irritants would include smoke from tobacco, spicy food, alcohol and other chemical substances. Take note to stay away from any irritant or allergies.
  • Dryness: During drought, you may feel a bit itchy and rough during the early morning hours. Again dryness is also achieved through mouth breathing. However, this symptom goes away after drinking some water.
  • HIV Infection: a Sore throat, a front line symptom of the deadly HIV viruses is being displayed continually by patients because of secondary infections that come as a result of the activities of the HIV viruses which renders the most vulnerable.

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