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Snorerx vs zquiet – Which one to buy?

There are several mouthpieces available for those who want to prevent snoring. These mouthpieces provide good results and can help relieve the pain of snoring that you and your roommates are facing and give you a peaceful sleep. Out of the top products that are top rated snoring mouthpieces, snorerx and zquiet are amongst the top 5. Let us review both of them to understand snorerx vs zquiet, which one is better suited for your needs.

Let us check about both products one by one:

  1. SnoreRx: This is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that moves the lower jaw forward to clear the airway. It can be customized to your mouth shape by just boiling and biting it as it is made up of malleable material which can be reshaped in 5 minutes. The device is comfortable and it deals with snoring and also does not interfere with your sleep. This FDA approved device with Micro-Fit technology is quite effective and guarantees quiet nights for you and your family. The V-flow design of the device allows you to breathe through the nose and there is no need to breathe through the mouth. It also has a Posi-Lock feature that keeps the device in position while you sleep.


  • It has a Flex-Jaw design that adjusts according to your mouth.
  • It allows you to do mouth breathing but facilitates nose breathing.
  • Allergy-free, medical grade materials are used that are BPA and Latex free.
  • Approved by FDA and certified by American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • The lifespan of 12-15 months and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Not suitable for people wearing dentures and bridges.
  • Has a complicated design.
  1. Zquiet: If you are looking for instant results then Zquiet is the best option. It is designed by dentists and it fits your mouth and is easy to use. It works similarly to other mouthpieces by clearing the airway. It comes with two mouthpieces that have different settings and one of them adjusts the jaw to a higher degree as compared to other. You can wear only one or both as per your comfort. It does not restrict your mouth movements.


  • More effective as compared to other devices.
  • FDA cleared and reasonably priced.
  • Has a 30-day trial period.


  • Difficult to wear for beginners and may cause soreness.
  • Not suitable for using it with dentures.
  • Not able to customize it.

Out of the above mentioned two mouthpieces, it is better to choose SnoreRx if you are starting to use mouthpieces, but if you are looking for something advanced with a better design by dentists’ then opt for Zquiet. Your choice may also vary depending upon the budget.

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