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Some common pregnancy issues to know about

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of life that every woman on Earth would like to experience. However, they can arise some kind of complications at any point of time during pregnancy, which at times can be fatal and may cause harm to both the mother and the baby. It is for this reason, it becomes essential to be aware of the common problems that might arise during pregnancy, so that appropriate, timely and adequate steps can be taken.

Some common pregnancy issues

  • Increased blood pressure: High blood pressure is experienced generally during pregnancy. This indicates that blood vessel pressure is higher in the arteries. Pregnant women facing high blood pressure is conducive towards pre-eclampsia. This might affect seriously the different body organs like blood vessels, kidney and liver. In these circumstances, it becomes crucial to be in charge of blood pressure.
  • Itchy skin: Women during early pregnancy stage may experience prickly skin. Those who have conceived also feel itchy around their expanding abdomen and breasts. The reason to experience scratchy skin is due to hormones. As her skin expands over the stomach, it starts to stretch, thus becoming drier and itchy. One should take pregnancy skin disorders medication as advised by their physician only.
  • Gestational diabetes: This is considered to be another pregnancy related problem that occurs frequently among pregnant women. She is seen to develop high sugar content in blood which dissipates after delivery of the baby. Such women facing gestational diabetes are advised to check their blood sugar content annually.

  • Weight gain: One major problem faced is gain in body weight. This takes place due to enhanced blood circulation in the body.
  • Fever: During pregnancy’s first quarter, fever is experienced frequently. It is normal to have slight temperature during early stages and could take place at any period. But higher temperature can be injurious, resulting even in fetal death.
  • Swelling: It is another problem faced and may occur in various body parts like face, feet, hands, etc. Swelling might take place due to enhanced fluid intake during pregnancy stage. Less water consumption can help.
  • Backache: Different types of hormones are produced during pregnancy and one among them is known as Relaxin. It is an important hormone that helps softens the pelvis and ligaments, to make sure that baby is delivered smoothly through the pelvis. Backache may cause soreness, hardness and numbness of the back. Pain medication while pregnant should be taken only after consulting the certified physician.
  • Cough & cold: This may take place often during pregnancy stage due to the immunity system offering reduced resistance level. If cough and cold is found to be serious nature, then the pregnant woman is to ensure that fetus is secure as persistent cough might cause miscarriage.

The other commonly faced issues by pregnant women include sleeping problem, which could be because of lack of proper exercise and diet. For overcoming such issues, it becomes essential for her to exercise regularly and have proper intake of protein.

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