Some deep facts about Vitiligo

What is Vitiligo?

It is a skin disorder in which cells which make skin pigments gets destroyed. Its effect is visible on skin in the form of white patches. These white patches appear on different body parts. Some this disorder affects hair too. The new hair that grows sometimes grows white in color. A person who suffers from this disorder always wonders does natural Vitiligo treatment system work to cure this disease. A simple answer is adopting good eating habits, daily exercising, and taking right supplements and vitamins, one can at least decrease its symptoms

Various causes

The exact cause of this skin disorder is still being researched. Researchers and doctors believe that people who suffer from this disease inherit genes which make them prone to this skin pigmentation. Doctors believe that it is an autoimmune disease where patient’s body produces protein called cytokines. One more theory that researchers give that cause of this disease may be sunburn, or stress. However; none of the cause theory is 100% proved.

What is Vitiligo


People who come in contact with it first notice some kind of white patches (called skin depigmentation) on their skin.  The patches can be located mostly on face, arms, hands, feet, eyes etc. There commonly occur in three patterns:

  • Segmental: In this pattern, white patches appear only on one side of body
  • Focal: In this pattern, white patches are limited to only one or few areas
  • Generalized: This is the most patterns of all three. In this pattern, the patches occurs on both sides of body

People suffering with this have early graying of hairs, eyelashes, beard and eyebrows. Sometimes people whose skin color is dark shall see color loss inside their mouth.

Will these white patches spread?

Doctors believe that segmental pattern and focal pattern remain at one part of the body. These white patches in these patterns don’t spread further. However; for generalized pattern there is no prediction whether this pattern patches will spread further or not. For some people they don’t spread while for some they spread very rapidly or very slowly. According to studies, it has been diagnosed that this spreading of white patches is directly proportional to emotional or any kind of physical stress.

How people should cope up with this disorder

It is not much harmful. However; its psychological and emotional effects have adverse effects.  White patches on the skin make people lose their confidence in terms of emotion, self-esteem especially if they appear on visible parts of body like face, hands, and eyes. It mainly affects teenagers who are in their growing age and more cautious about their looks. They undergo depression, embarrassed or worried just thinking people will make fun of them.

There are several treatments available to treat this skin pigmentation. The treatment can minimize or may completely remove these white patches. Along with medical or surgical treatments; there are some natural treatments too. The main purpose of treating it is reducing the color contrast between the unaffected and effects skin area. Choosing therapy depends on the % of skin area affected.


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