In the recent days, quite a number of patients are commonly affected with the asbestos related disease like mesothelioma and asbestosis, in order to cure this; there are different types of complementary as well as alternative therapies in addition to the common traditional methods like using drugs and doings surgery. These types of alternative therapies are used by the patients in order to coping with the asbestos related disease in the form of pain management, also to improve the general health, and also to provide some symptomatic relief. And there are many rehab centers which helps to cure the mesothelioma disease in addition to all types of problems in our body. But the rehab center is mainly working to cure this disease and they have used lots of treatment methods to cure the problem.

Although, these forms of treatments do not offer cure to this disease, they certainly help you to live more comfortable lives by just providing relief from stress and pain. In addition to the above alternative methods, there are also some alternative therapies to cure this disease. Let us discuss about that:

Acupuncture: This is the most common form of treatment available for all types of problems in our body, and there are also lots of insurance companies offering the coverage for this form of treatments. The acupuncture treatment generally involves insertion of fine needles into the pressure point in clearly defined location in the skin in order to improve the balance and also to flow of factors, and this is the most common traditional method followed in Chinese medicine. This type of treatment is also followed in the above mentioned rehab center which helps the patients get cure from their pain.

By following this treatment, it allows the patients to get relief even from severe chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and stress and this is one of the most commonly used alternatives to this disease without using medicine.

Aromatherapy: This form of alternative method of treatment may involve by using the fragrance to improve both the physical as well as psychological well being. The fragrance will be applied in the liquid which is called as essential oil that will be distilled and also highly concentrated plant based oils. The therapists who are well versed in using this Aromatherapy will use these types of fragrance combines with the oil to provide pain relief and also to improve general well being of patients. This therapy will generally combines with the massage, so you will receive the massage with carriers oils which have been mixed with the small amount of essential oil fragrance.

Massage: This therapy has been mainly shown to provide large number of important health benefits. This also improves the lymphatic as well as the blood flow and this is used to improve the blood circulation in the body. This also improves out muscle tension.

Like this treatment, many alternative methods have been used here to help the person affected by this disease.


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