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The tradition of vaping dates backto the ancient history. Throughout the years, the concept has witnessed major variations with the most recent introduction of tobacco free vaporizers. The idea of vaping has always been associated with nicotine and has acted as a means to substitute the tradition tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes. But now-a-days people are fascinated with vaping as a form of recreational interest and does not necessarily depend on the ecstasy of nicotine that is provided. They have begun to treat nicotine free vaping as a hobby and discovered it as a source of pleasure and sensations. Hence, the demand and popularity for non nicotine vape has seen a gradual rise.


Earlier most vapers used nicotine containing e-liquids but at present nicotine free flavoured juices have stolen the show. The dangers related to traditional cigarette smoking goes beyond the consumption of just nicotine as it contains carbon monoxide, tar and other injurious substances. On the other hand, vaping doesn’t contain most of these damaging chemicals and provides vapers the option to use or not to use nicotine.

non nicotine vape

For someone trying to quit smoking by replacing it with vapes, opting straight for nicotine free vaping is not a sensible option as it might have a contradictory effect. The possible risk has nothing to do with vaping but that one might find the e-cigarettes so unsatisfying that they end up consuming an unhealthy amount of e-liquid. The non nicotine vapes play a major role for the former smokers who simply enjoy the delight of vaping without feeling guilty for tobacco consumption. Though some criticise nicotine free vaping for being ineffective, health conscious individuals treat it as a blessing in disguise.


The variety of flavours in which vape juices without nicotine are available have contributed to its acceptance amongst the youth. Generally, nicotine tends to have a pungent taste. Consequently, these nicotine free e-liquids are loaded with extra flavourful elements in order to overshadow the absence of the sharp taste of nicotine. There is a significant group of people who have never smoked or used any nicotine products and might not be comfortable with the odour and taste of it. Hence, the phenomenon of using most simple as well as exquisite nicotine free flavours for e-juices have attracted such people and refrained them from being an outcast to this social circle.Contrasting to the smoke of a traditional tobacco cigarette, various e-liquids emit vapor with a pleasant odour. From strawberry to madeleine, the experimentation with flavours have confirmed to become a positive contribution in creating inquisitiveness amongst people who thrive for new experiences to get rid of their mundane existence.

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