Treatment of cancer during the stage of pregnancy

Treatment of cancer happens to be complex. The general notion is that it is going to harm the baby along with the mother. As per oncology pregnancy medicine doctors advised the would-be mothers to terminate the pregnancy because of the reason. If you are being treated for cancer the doctor is going to estimate the age of the foetus and the expected arrival date of the baby. This is done so as to enable a mother to plan for the pregnancy in the days to come as well. Any treatment options will be balanced taking into consideration the risk associated with the women as well. Any treatment is dependent upon the location, the type along with the stage of cancer as well.

As far as the treatment options are concerned it is tailor made as per the needs of each and every woman. It would include chemotherapy, radiation or if the need arises a surgery as well. Any form of treatment works on the fact that the mother along with the baby needs to be safe. It has been observed that when cancer is detected during pregnancy it is suggested that you go on wait till the baby is born so that treatment is provided. The chances are that the mother is going to induce labour at an early stage. This is pretty much like medications for infection in pregnancy that needs to be addressed. When it is the case of some form of cancer like cervical cancer it is suggested that you wait till the baby is born for the treatment to proceed. In certain cases, the doctor along with the mother may need to figure out whether they should continue with the pregnancy or not. In case of women who are diagnosed with advanced versions of cancer, it would be better to start the treatment right away.

Of all the treatment types surgery works out to be the best option as no form of harm is posed to the developing baby. This is all the more recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. Regular monitoring of the baby along with the baby is necessary so that the risk is reduced to a considerable extent as well.

If you have a glance at the various treatment options chemotherapy works out to be the most popular option as well. It would mean that the drug makes its way throughout the body and goes on to destroy the cancer cells. But on the other side of the coin, it is harmful and does have an ability to harm the developing foetus. As far as the risk associated with chemotherapy is concerned it is dependent upon the type of chemotherapy that is being used.

They could also be provided during the other trimester of pregnancy and this is not going to harm the developing baby in any manner. Here you go on to provide protection with the aid of placenta as well. But be careful of health problems.

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