Understanding Progressive Overload for Workout Gain

Progressive overload means increasing stress on your body during your workout session. Progressive overload consists of couple of things like number of repetitions, number of sets and exercises. You can get the list of legal steroids in Australia from the concerned health department of your state.

How it works

When you work out your body goes through a certain level of stress and this triggers your body’s mechanism to survive. As a result, body thinks that it is a kind of attack on it and it starts responding. You work out your muscles and in response; body makes it bigger and stronger so that the muscles can hold the same amount of stress again. This is called progression. When you are working out you need to understand that how to create progressive overload.

There are several ways to include progression in your bodybuilding routine

Increase your load

When you are working with 18 pounds of weight, then by the end of the week, you are supposed to lift85 pounds. If you are aiming for this and achieving it in your next exercise session, then you are moving on the right path.

Increase your sets

If you are doing three sets of an exercise, then you can aim to perform four sets of the same exercise in your next workout session.

Understanding Progressive Overload for Workout Gain

Increasing the repetitions

You are lifting heavy weights and you find it difficult to complete even six repetitions of an exercise. You are supposed to aim to complete at least eight repetitions in your next workout session. Get a list of legal steroids in Australia from your physician before buying them.

Decrease your rest time

Your body is in need of rest this is sure, but if you rest more than 90 seconds between your exercise sets, then it you are pulling down your muscle. After performing an exercise you will not benefit, as you should that is why your rest time should not go beyond 90 seconds between sets. It is good to decrease your rest time by 30 seconds and rest only for a minute between your sets.

Progressive overload

  • The most effective way of progression is to increase the weights by which you are exercising
  • If at present, you are able to do bench press with 100 pounds of weight and you are doing three sets with eight repetitions. In your next exercise session or in the next week do the same exercise with 105 pounds of weight. If you have done eight repetitions, then try to do nine or 10 repetitions. You need to increase your repetitions also.
  • If you are able to perform more than eight repetitions without compromising the form of your exercise, then you can increase your weight again.
  • You need to do the same process of progressive overload.
  • Moreover, it is imperative to change the exercises after a certain period. This will ensure that your muscles are not adjusted with the exercises. Changing the exercises will stress your body muscles and stimulates them for the growth.

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