An arc trainer is great cardio exercise machine, in the sense that it combines the functions of a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber all in to one machine. The device derived its name from its advanced stride technology, that never places a user’s behind their knee, thus reducing stress to the knee joint.

The arc trainer, originally created by Cybex, can benefit you in a number of ways, a few of which we will explore below. To shop for great quality Cyber arc trainers, visit

  • Exerts less stress on joints

Whatever the model may be, Cybex arc trainers are known to exert minimal stress on the joints. Whenever a person’s toes move behind the knees, it exerts undue pressure on the joints, and can result in faster damage to those joints.

  • Leads to better weight loss

Though it is considered a low-impact exercise machine, arc trainers usually result in the greatest reduction of body weight in the least amount of time. The machine is designed in such a way that it can help you tone muscles and lose weight at the same time, saving you some time and effort in the process.

  • Great for muscle strengthening

Cybex arc trainers help in strengthening many muscles in the body. They engage various muscles in your arms and legs all at the same time. The arc trainer comes with variable resistance and several different modes with differing stride lengths, each designed to target certain muscles. The overall result will be bigger finely toned muscles along your arms and legs.

  • Increases your VO2 Max

The arc trainer counts as an aerobic exercise, which means that it causes your lungs to work as much as your arms and legs. VO2 max indicates how much oxygen your lungs can absorb and process. The more exercise your lungs get, the better they become at processing oxygen and increase your endurance levels.

  • Strengthens and builds your bones

You will have to utilize your arms and legs all the time as long as you are on an arc trainer, moving them back and forth, thus applying extra pressure on your skeletal system. This constitutes a weight bearing exercise that can improve bone density and result in bigger and stronger bones.

  • Great program variety

A Cybex arc trainer has many presets and customizable programs to work different muscles in a person’s body. It allows you to adjust the amount of incline and resistance on the machine according to your personal preference. A user can easily add variations to their workout routine and opt for tougher and more taxing exercises according to their fitness regimen. You can find a great selection of Cybex arc trainers here –

  • Promotes mental health

Arguably the ultimate aim of every exercise regimen is to improve a person’s mental well-being. A highly toned and capable body contributes to developing a positive outlook. Aerobic cardiovascular exercises make your brain produce release chemicals that make you feel happy. They can help deal with stress and anxiety and reduce the amount of negative emotions you feel. So regular usage of an arc trainer can make you both physically and mentally balanced.

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