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Why You Only Need A Buttocks Cushion for Your Office Chair

Office chairs are very standard when it comes to features. Usually, it’s a swivel chair, it should have an armrest, can be raised up or down, and a has back support. Some even have some lumbar support and a well-padded cushion as well, but the fact is no known popular office chair helps with your back support, not even the ones that are in the executive class. Why?

The “why” is the cushion that these chairs have. That fact is even if you got lumbar support and head support, people still put pillows on their head and neck, and they also place pillows on their back and a cushion on the buttocks. Why? Because it causes discomfort over a while and some will even contribute to long-term spinal and back problems. It’s funny how these chairs seem good for support, but it’s not.

The many support that people use For some people third-party cushions are aplenty, they got one on their head, at the back of their neck, their lower back and to their buttocks and that’s perfectly understandable. Most people react to pain and discomfort and whichever part of the body that they feel that way, but their missing something, there is a small tailbone that they miss to address. Properly support that tailbone will help solve your back problems!

Why only support the buttocks  You need to support the buttocks because of the tailbone. It’s the one bone that attributes to back pain, leg pain, and vertebrae injury. Not correctly supporting it will show over time, and it’s not going to be a nice talk with the doctor. It’s sad that office chairs despite their looks don’t provide that maximum comfort and support for people that spend more than 8 to 12 hours a day in the office. However, there are ways to remedy that, and that is by buying a third-party office chair cushion.

Invest in cushions:If you’re an office worker, a good office chair cushion should be considered as an investment. It’s just a couple of bucks, and it will help you increase the time that you sit to focus on your work and will help you further with back and leg support, preventing any unwanted injury. As they say, safety first!

The fact is, office chairs aren’t that supportive. It’s kind of an irony that these chairs may look like a good chair for support since some does have head support, back support and well padded. Yet, it seems like these things fail because many people buy a ton of cushions for their head, neck, lower back, and buttocks. However, what most people don’t know is that they don’t need to buy a ton of cushions for their office chair. All they need to buy is a good chair cushion for their buttocks, and their problems should go away! If you wish to buy one, please click the hyperlink.

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