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Winstrol: Effects and Dosage

Winstrol, also known as stanozolol is one of the popular steroids among the fitness buffs and athletes around the world. The legal status of these performance-enhancing steroids is also different in different countries. Before resorting to using winstrol, it is recommended that you check the legal status of using this steroid in your country. Winstrol is widely known for its anabolic androgenic steroids and is extensively sold manufacture in the underground labs and widely sold in the steroid shops online and offline. It is also advised to make an in-depth study of the possible gains, side effects and working of winstrol before using it. For more information of this steroid, please read the full article. It is either injected into the body or consumed orally. Injectable 10mg formulation of stanozolol is the widely used and recommended dosage.

It is widely known under different nicknames. Manufactured by the Asia Pharma, the steroid is extensively used to increase the level of testosterone in the body. Studies reveal that the level of natural testosterone in the body diminishes with age. So to maintain a generous level of testosterone in the body, it is advised to use these steroids. Do you know why this steroid is popular? Maybe because it provides androgenic effect even on low levels. Also, this steroid is widely popular among women. If you are a woman in search of the perfect steroid, then yes, you’ve come to the right page. This steroid is highly tolerable to women which are why it is a widely accepted worldwide. All the available steroids are known to cause water retention and this is where Winstrol comes in handy. When used in proper amounts, it can help fight water retention. It is also known to improve the perseverance of bodybuilders, thus felicitating longer workouts. But this steroid can bring about some side effects in women like deepening of voice, excessive hair growth etc.

Women can use winstrol for bulking. It can also be referred to as a mild steroid due to its remarkable effects on women. A majority of the men use Winstrol only to burn body fat, longer workout cycles, retain muscle growth, and enhance the muscle gains and to provide a sturdy outlook to it. Since men and women respond very differently to steroids, the dosage is highly dependent on the gender of the user. It is advised to use high doses of winstrol or stanozolol for men. Men use high doses of Winstrol to gain muscle growth while women require only a mild dose. In addition to promoting hard muscle gains, if used it wisely, it can produce desired results with minimal or zero side effects. Injectable 10mg formulation of stanozolol is the most preferred dosage.

It is also used as an ideal product for bodybuilding due to its high bioavailability. A small dose of Stanozolol can boost up a woman’s confidence, thus creating a perfect atmosphere for muscle growth. A cycle of six weeks is supposed to be the working cycle for Winstrol users. If you prefer extensive gains, it is advised to increase your workout regimen.